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A hand-on review for Leica X2

Leica hasn’t yet given out any information about their leap into compact system camera (CSC) domain, but it definitely is counted amongst the few firms that offer the best of compact cameras with APS-C sensor format. Initially the company had released Leica X1. And now the first version has been replaced by its upgrade- Leica X2.

The primary changes that come along with this upgraded version include a CMOS sensor with 16 million pixels instead of 12.2. This is a notable jump, so comparing the overall impact of this on the cameras capability will be interesting to analyze.

Just like Leica X1, even the X2 version is fixed with Leica Elmarit lens with details 24mm f/2.8 ASPH. This has a really high quality as it sharp. But the question is- Will this be affected by the added pixel count?

Having the same lens again means the focusing distance at the closest point is just 30 cm which can be really disappointing at times. The raw files of image produced are absolutely lovable but the JPEG image quality can turn out to be disappointing because of the slow autofocus system.

Though the final sample quality of Leica X2′s image file could not be judged but the pre-production sample was really impressive because the focus speed of Leica X2 was much faster than Leica X1.


The screen is highly functional but seems a little outdated because other similar versions have a screen with 460,000 pixels, spread across 3 inch size. X2 on the other hand is just 2.7 inches with 230,000 pixel count. Hence the camera looks like a block for such an expensive price tag.


The control setup of this camera fits both an amateur as well as an expert photographer. An auto setting mode is given for the camera to manage every feature all on its own. If you are more experienced than you can preferable change your settings as per the capture requirement. So it goes well for all users.


The battery life X2 is certainly better than X1. One full charge lets you snap as many as 450 shots, whereas X1 could only pull 250 shots on the same charge.

Picture quality

The stellar reputation of Leica happily rests on its amazing picture quality. The lens along with CMOS sensor gives way to sharp and exceptional shots. The details are excellent and the picture speaks out life. One can also change the color setting and capture shots in black and white. This camera is perfect for reportage and street photography because of its tight lens, which does not give much scope for capturing landscapes or head to shoulder portraits.
This camera has no video making option and is more like an old fashioned picture-taker with latest upgrades.

The final verdict

For many this camera will come across as a slow one when compared to other major brands but the picture quality of X2 and the superb lens are a great asset. Overall one can consider buying one for the love of photography in its purest of forms.

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