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Acer Iconia Tab A700 Review

If you can get past the rather simplified look and style, and look at the stunning display and screen quality, you will love the A700 Acer tablet. Although it is extremely simplistic in design, you will love the features on this tablet, the ease of use, and the usability that many are looking for in a new tablet.

The Design -
Although at first glance it is a simplistic and very basic design, and at 11 mm thick it is not huge, but bigger than most new tablets on the market. Thanks to the thicker design it also has a pleasant texture around the back of the tablet, and it is extremely easy for users to hold and use 10 inch tablets in landscape mode, due to this thicker textured back as well.



The Specs -
With the this Acer tablet you are not going to get the best looking tablet but with a quad core Tegra 3 brain, and the latest Ice Cream Sandwich OS, it has what you want on the inside. The unit also boasts an impressive full HD display, and the highest quality resolution you are going to find in the tablet market today at 1920 X 1200 resolution display. When watching videos, you are also going to get an impressive 1080 p display, making for clarity and perfect visual quality. You will also get great viewing angles, and bright color displays from the impressive screen.

Upgrades & Performance -
With the A700 tablet you have the Acer ring (the coloured dot at the bottom of the screen), which allows you to see the recently visited sites and shortcuts, and it also appears on the lockscreen allowing you to access it anytime. With the quality screen and clarity, the 1.3 GHz Nvidia chip is a bit lagging in performance. For gaming in high speed, or using the 5 MP camra, you will notice the speed is not as fast as you would expect or hope for it to be. The SD slot is also a great feature, as movie downloads are going to eat away at the 32 GB storage the device comes with built in.

Weight & Sound -
The Acer tablet is also a pretty heavy tablet, and it weighs 650 grams, which is a full 50 grams heavier than similar tablets from other manufacturers. The device also features built in Dolby speakers at the bottom of the tablet, which are by far better than any other Android tablets that have recently been released. In addition to the larger screen size on this tablet, movie buffs are going to love the image and sound clarity this A700 tablet is going to give them.


Summary -
Although it is larger, heavier, and a bit bulky, its whats on the inside that counts with the Acer Iconia Tab A 700 tablet. It is great for those who want a tablet for movie watching, or everyday web browsing. And, at the lower end of the price spectrum, it delivers pretty good memory capacity, with with several device ports, you can easily expand on the already included memory.


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