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Darksiders II Review

For those who are looking for original gaming, exceptional graphics, and different stages of play, Darksiders II is a game you will love. Taking from other classic games, and including a completely unique plot, players are going to love the familiar scenes, yet all new challenges, twists, and turns with the different storyline that not many games have delved in to.

New Ideas -
Although the Darksiders II games does take from other games, like Zelda, and God of War, the sequel to Darksiders I is a game that can stand on its own. With its own unique storyline, unique characters, and the 4 Horsemen of Apocolypse theme settings, you will be hard pressed to find other games that are going to come close to the unique quality of this game, in all aspects of gaming.

The Theme -
In this Darksiders II game you will take on the role of Death, trying to clear the name of his brother War. Combat is at the heart of this game, and with several great and unique weapons, and warlike gaming, you are going to be going up against several characters to reach the games end. With new stages, weapons, and modes of play, you are going to encounter more than just the typical war and fight scenes that you come across in other games of play.

Challenges -
In addition to the battles and combat, Death also has to attack several puzzles and defeat them along the way, in order to move forward in the game. This twist adds a new challenge, and makes for a more in depth gaming experience, as opposed to simply fighting at every corner, and using a sword to slash your way through the end. The simple tests and puzzles you face early on are going to become more and more difficult as the game progresses, which is going to add a great gaming experience for those who like to challenge their mind, as well as their fighting skills when playing. Although the tasks get more difficult, the levels of difficulty progress through the game, and you are not going to experience a huge jump in difficulty levels from one stage to the next.


Side Quests -
In addition to the main storyline and plot, the Darksiders II game also packs in several optional quests across the many worlds you are going to encounter during your gaming experience. Additionally, the arena mode is going to allow you to fully display your fighting skills in the challenges.

Summary -
Although Darksiders II does recycle old ideas from popular games like Zelda, the new challenges, stages, and puzzles, allow the game to stand on its own. With various side quests, new challenges, and a unique story and plot, players are going to love what the developers have created. Additionally, the great graphics and in depth design of the characters and the different worlds adds to the appeal of playing, and makes the game far more exciting for those who love to take on challenges.

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