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Published on July 28th, 2012 | by admin


Google Nexus 7 Review

For those on the hunt for a new tablet, if you want something as powerful as the ipad, but not as pricy, the Google Nexus 7 delivers. It has the features, apps, the design, and the quality Android OS, that is going to defeat all others, including the latest Kindle Fire and other new tablets that come along.

The Basics -
The Google Nexus 7 is an Android based tablet that Google is hoping will compete with, or take over, the strong hold that Apple has in the market place. The tablet is Asus built, features a 7 inch screen, and has a quad core tegra 3 processor, with 1280 X 800 screen resolution. The tablet is also running on the latest 4.1 Jelly OS, making it faster, and working out some of the kinks in past Android tablets. It has some great features, apps, and uses, plus it comes in well below the price of the ipad, making it a table that many consumers are at least going to consider, if they are on the market for a new tablet.

The Design -
Asus has developed a tablet that is very close in resemblance to the ipad, both in style and size, as well as the feel. It has a rubber back, making for a smart design, and a great protection barrier, plus it offers a softer feel to the touch. There are also only a few buttons on the tablet, and the placement of the speakers is perfect, giving you the loud sound and clarity you want if watching movies or videos. It is not as large and bulky as other tablets, and it is ideal to hold in one hand, and makes for perfect use when you are on the go.

The Screen -
With the Google Nexus 7 screen you are not going to receiving the eye catching retina display the ipad has, but the 7 inch screen, with 1280 X 800 resolution is enough, especially at such a low price point. Whether reading on the tablet, or working and web browsing for hours, the clarity and screen quality will ensure your eyes are not strained when you put it down. If watching HD movies on the Google Nexus 7 talet, you are also going to love the crisp quality. One drawback is the fact that it does look a bit washed out with still pictures, on the home screen, and with apps, but this is namely due to the lower price tag that Google wanted to provide their users with when purchasing the new tablet.

Performance & Apps -
With thousands of apps to choose from in the marketplace, you can use them all on the go, and with the quad core processer performance is exceptional. From streaming tv, watching in HD, or doing a number of functions at once, performance is not going to fail you.

Summary -
For those who have long awaited the Google Nexus 7 tablet, you will not be disappointed. It features excellent performance, a clean looking body, smaller size, and exceptional features and apps, all at a much lower price than the ipad.


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