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New Super Mario Bros 2 Review

For Mario fans, the New Super Mario Bros 2 game is going to provide the same great characters, and the scenes fans have come to love. Although you will get an excellent gaming experience, those who truly love the games, and all in the Mario long line of gaming, may find that there is not much of a change from the predecessors, and that the gaming is a bit predictable in design and in the levels you will be facing up against.

The Game -
In this New Super Mario Bros 2 game you will quickly see how you are going to be facing familiar challenges, trying to save the princess in a 2D mushroom kingdom. Players will love the throwback levels, where they will experience many of the same levels and styles of play that the original Mario games have provided them with for so many years. The main change in the game play is that there is a greater emphasis on collecting coins in levels, which is not too prevalent in other Mario games.

Challenges -
Along with the theme of collecting more coins, players are going to find that the levels in 2D mushroom land are filled with far more coins than in previous games. Additionally, there are more challenges when playing in the coin rush mode of gaming, where you have to race against the clock in order to collect a certain level of coins in Mario’s dungarees. So, not only do you have to complete the levels, you also have to fill enough coins in the alloted time for each level to move forward.

The Experience -
The New Super Mario Bros 2 falls short on a few fronts. Although you do get the players and gaming experience you have come to love with Mario, the game feels a bit pedestrian in comparison to other games that have been recently released in the Mario line of gaming. The games are entertaining and fun to play, but do lack on certain fronts where you would expect new changes, challenges, or characters might eventually come along. There are no big surprises that players are truly going to find with this new game, and it is a bit streamline as far as what you would expect after the previous release Super Mario 3D Land. The game is too predictable and a bit conservative in the approach taken by developers who are hoping to draw in Mario fans. From previous games and the gaming experience Mario fans have come to love, this is a valient effort, but is not as thrilling or exciting as players would hope for.

Summary -
With predictable stages, and similar settings as many Mario games of the past, players who have come to love the series will like the New Super Mario Bros 2 as well. It does fall flat in some instances, and is not as exciting as fans would be hoping for, but it is going to be a crowd favorite if you love the traditional Mario gaming experience you have grown up with.

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