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Samsung Series 5 NP535U3C Review

The Samsung Series 5 NP535U3C is the latest ultra-light, thin and stylish notebook computer from Samsung. It has much of the same qualities of the very popular Series 5 Ultrabook from Intel, so although it is much like an ultrabook, it is not. This is an inexpensive choice of thin and light laptop. Those who are preparing for school and colleges will be happy to know that there is a laptop that will easily fit in with their small budget, while still being a stylish and light device that they can hold onto in their busy schedule.


Although this Samsung is not quite as light as some of the more expensive, rival notebook computers, it is definitely a great deal for anyone who is looking for a budget laptop that is still stylish. This laptop comes with a big track-pad, and a quality keyboard. The laptop is made of magnesium alloy, so even though the price is not high you are not suffering for it with low quality material.


If you are considering buying this laptop for personal use, such as surfing the web, checking emails, school work or taking care of bills, then it would work perfectly for what you need. However if you want this for heavy-duty work, you will notice that it is definitely a lot slower than it’s likeness, the i3. It is equipped with a rather slow hard drive, and does not have a particularly speedy SSD cache.

For the 13inch screen size, Windows notebook computer’s usually have about a 1366×768 screen resolution. This is an absolutely wonderful quality for the price that you are paying.

Although the Samsung Series 5 NP535U3C is almost exactly the same as the NP535U3B, a laptop that is powered by the Intel Core i3 Processor, it will not meet the standards of someone who enjoys using their laptop as a gaming system. You can easily watch high resolution movies and television shows on this device, but if you want to play fast paced, intense games, then this is not the laptop for you.


This laptop certainly meets the mark in battery life. The NP535U3C keeps cool and does not need a lot of power, like some laptops. It will run for about five hours on its own battery life. The hard drive does make a ticking sound, but that is what you get with such a slow hard drive.

All in all this laptop would be perfect for a person who needs to buy a personal laptop that is light weight, sleek and smooth. I fyou are trying to decide whether or not to buy the NP535U3C, ask yourself i you are willing to give up the speed and high quality graphics of a much more expensive laptop. Even if it is not extremely fast, a lot of people only need to buy one for school work and checking their email, so it may be perfect for you! This is a great budget laptop and is spot on for the price.


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