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Samsung UE55ES8000 Review

For those who are on the market for a new smart tv, the Samsung UE55ES8000 hits on all fronts. With the next gen control options, the tv is more than a tv, and it is truly the future for all of your watching pleasures, for any show, movie, or other functions you choose to use your tv set for.

The Screen Time -
The quality of the image and display is exceptional with the Samsung UE55ES8000 right out of the box. You will love the bright and detailed display, along with the 3d viewing capabilities, and the hi def viewing is probably the best you are going to find on a new tv set today. It gives off strong contrasts, and even with the fastest paced scenes keeps up with the action, ensuring as little blur as possible on the screen.

The Voice Control -
Voice and gesture recognition is finally delivered to the viewer with the Samsung UE55ES8000 set, and they work extremely well. The voice prompts get a quick response, and even if the questions is a bit out there, you will get a fairly accurate response. The sets vocabulary is pretty extensive, so you can ask various questions, and get a response that is accurate.

The Gestures -
Although it is there, it is not as great as the voice recognition. You need a larger, brighter room for the gesture recognition to work, and the gestures must be expansive for the Samsung UE55ES8000 to understand them. When you wave at the set, a hand shaped cursor appears allowing you to change channels, adjust the volume, and other basic features. It is best when used to browse the web, and you can easily navigate pages with the feature, but you do have to be firm in the motions for the gesture recognition to fully work.

The Touchpad -
The remote for your Samsung UE55ES8000 works precisely, especially when you are using the web browser on your set. You can use hot key shortcuts to get to favorite pages, and to get to the most commonly used pages. It is also essential with the voice recognition feature, as there is a built in mic in the touchpad remote.

Apps -
There are several apps including the basics (facebook, twitter, email, etc), plus a fit app, kids app, and family app. The Samsung UE55ES8000 also has an evolution kit, which means your tv set can be updated when a newer 2013 or 2014 model comes out, meaning you do not have to pay the full price for an entirely new set either.

Summary -
This is probably the best smart tv and 3d tv on the market today. The Samsung UE55ES8000 delivers on desirable features like voice and gesture recognition, and hits on all the apps, with a great web browser. Although it is a bit slow on the gesture feature, there are various desirable features, and it is probably the best smart tv on the market, so long as you can afford the high price tag that comes with it.


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