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Sonos Digital Music System Review

For quality sound control, great volume settings for larger rooms, and a great looking system at an affordable rate, the Sonos Digital Music System is a music system for any consumer to consider. In addition to boasting exceptional sound control, it is a well known and reliable brand name, meaning you are not going to find much better quality at a lower price.

Two Zone System -
If you want surround sound quality listening in your home, the Sonos Digital Music System delivers. By combining two of the new play 3 units, with a bridge router, you can avoid drilling holes, and will not have to do much work, in order to get that great sound quality and control. You can easily add speakers to any room of the home, and connect them to the main system, allowing you to get clear sound, and ideal volume control, anywhere in the home, no matter where the system is set up.

The Lower Price -
With many upgrades since the 2005 introduction, you can easily purchase these amp free systems, at a lower price than you would expect. With Sonos you are going to hook up to your PC or Mac, as opposed to having a wireless system built in, which is another reason for the lower prices when purchasing. You have to hard wire the system to your computer with the ZP100 system, and this hub is going to provide exceptional sound quality, and 50 watts of power, throughout the home.

The Remote Part -
Once hooked up and connected, you can enjoy the great sound quality with your Sonos Digital Music System anywhere. It supports a huge range of music formats, and can compete with any mini hi- fi system on the market. The remote relays information including what is playing, the artist, which zone its playing, and several other features users will love. It is simple to connect, and it can be used anywhere, and with an LCD screen, you can see the album art from songs or albums you are playing on the device.

Drawback -
The main drawback is that the system has to be hardwired to your PC or Mac, but for the lower price tag, and the exceptional sound quality you are going to get, most individuals who choose to purchase the Sonos Digital Music System do not mind this minor imperfection. Additionally, the fact that it does not play itunes songs might be an annoyance at first, but it does play Apple Lossless songs.

Summary -
For those who are looking for a basic, attractive system, and great sound quality and control, the Sonos Digital Music System is one to consider. The main drawback is that it has to be hardwired to your system, as opposed to other music players having the built in wireless device, but this is what helps keep the cost down. When you are on a budget, and want something functional, with great quality sound, this might be the perfect choice for you to consider going with for your home.

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